Dearly Beloved, we're honored that from the sea of wedding photographers in Washington D.C., you're considering us to capture your story. And because you're here with us for this moment, we want you to know that we absolutely adore the people we work with and we’re devoted to creating deeply touching photographs that will make you smile, cry, laugh out loud and remember every minute of the day you got married.

The love we feel for the world and the place we live has inspired us to abandon old-fashioned ways of photographing weddings with posed shots meant to look “perfect” and to focus on the perfection of what’s authentic and heartfelt. We hold dear the power and sacredness of ritual, ceremony, and tradition, and believe that the moments you share with your loved ones are so beautifully unique that they are meant to be memorialized just as they are.

Because we love you, we focus on capturing your spirit and the love of your union well into the future, and we hope that our work might even help to rewrite your old stories about love and union from your past. The artwork we’ll create from your wedding will be made with our hearts and souls, above all else, because our passion comes from the love we all are made of. It’s the love that inspires the two of you to become one, and the same love that brings your families and closest friends together to celebrate and share it.

We travel frequently and are at home at weddings in Baltimore, Washington D.C., the Bahamas, and at venues near our secret hideout, Treasure Beach in Jamaica. We know that love makes the world go round and we’ll go anywhere it takes you.

Reach out and let’s meet for coffee, have a chat online, or raise a glass to life and the moments worth remembering!

Sincerely, Beloved"